Eurasian Handsomeness Handsome Lord Emperor Kandanai Maneesawath (fantastically titled movie about Евразия царайлаг эзэн хаан ท่านเจ้าชายโอ๊คราชาหล่อรวยเชื้อรัสเซีย a.k.a. настоящий принц Евразии Prince_Oak_Oakleyski_Lord Emperor)

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Handsomeness Emperor Kandanai Maneesawath

Set Release Date: 21 June 2022 (urgent change)

Plot: There were a few people acting like they were rebellions attempting to stimulate an uprising against Prince Oak Oakleyski, but they failed in the end because Prince Oak Oakleyski (real Eurasia Handsomely Sovereign Prince) was too handsome for them. The rebels were repelled by his people who defended around his fortress like a mosh pit but it's not a concert, a slight touch of comedy was inserted. Bio-war fun.

Storyline: Prince Oak Oakleyski was titled as the fantastic emperor of Eurasia and he was taking care of people around East Europe and whole Asia continents, dedicating himself to his predecessor and primogenitor such as Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and King Amir Timur to thank God for the real royal ancestry of him. But then one day, some internet impostors hyped up that they were the royal warriors to joke at Prince Oak Oakleyski, for example, some wannabeemperors named themselves "lordemperor" on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media setting up an advocacy to mock the Real Emperor Kandanai Maneesawath. However, that mockery locus failed because Prince Oak Oakleyski has sent his personal doctor Nadezhda Borimskaya to do biographical tests of those internet impostors. They were exposed by the doctor of Prince Oak Oakleyski. Nadezhda diagnosed the biological and physical traits of many rebellions and canvassed that they were not genetically related to the Real Emperor Kandanai Maneesawath at all. In fact, they were just impostors who tried to copy Prince Oak Oakleyski. After that, the fuss of biographical war was becoming more emotional and rib-tickling at the same time. The fortification was incipiently forged by the beautiful doctor Nadezhda Borimskaya, then more and more people of Eurasia came to help the Handsome Emperor Kandanai Maneesawath to dispel those impostors who were the exile. But the emperor held a great sense of humor as well, thus he didn't take offence from those impostors seriously but rather smiled back to the inceptive scoffing. Expulsion of people was not done after the psychological warfare, because Prince Oak Oakleyski showed a leniency. Anyways, in real life, those wannabelord impostors cannot fool themselves to copy the real Royal Lord Prince Oak Oakleyski a.k.a. Handsome Emperor Kandanai Maneesawath the REAL EURASIAN HANDSOME SOVEREIGN PRINCE.

Genre: Comedy-War

Budget: $2000000

Running Time: 60 minutes

Directors: Prince Oak Oakleyski, Ivan Kolyada

Writers: Ivan Kolyada, Wanwisa Jaidee

Main Cast: Prince Oak Oakleyski, Dulat Mukhametkaliyev, Nadezhda Borimskaya

Cinematographer: Supisara Siriwong

Producer: Dulat Mukhametkaliyev

Composer: Akim Rakhimov

Editor: Supassara

Main Filming Location: Tatarstan

Country Origins: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

Languages: Russian, English

Aspect ratio: 16:9 Full HD

Sound System: Dolby Digital, RCA Recording

Production Company: Oakleyski (Prince Oakleyski Eurasia) in association with Royal Eurasia Andronovo International Sovereign TV.

Officially Spare: special theaters, television, and DVD.

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