Who is Prince Oak Oakleyski

Who is Prince Oak Oakleyski
(Realistic Documentary/Movie of Sovereign Prince Kandanai Lord Maneesawath)

Set Release Date: 27 June 2022

Plot: The truth behind Prince Oak Oakleyski is clearly more baffled than it looks. His real name is not Oak Oakleyski. And he is the real sovereign prince of Eurasia. Swap confusion. But the finale it was resolved factually that Prince Oak Oakleyski (Lord Emperor Kandanai Maneesawath) is the real most handsome movie director in the world.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery 

Budget: $1000000

Running Time: 60 minutes

Directors: Prince Oak Oakleyski, Ivan Kolyada

Executive Producer: Prince Oak Oakleyski

Writers: Ivan Kolyada, Wanwisa Jaidee

Main Cast: Prince Oak Oakleyski, Dulat Mukhametkaliyev, Nadezhda Borimskaya, Maprang Mimi, Andrey Kiselev

Cinematographer: Supisara Siriwong

Producer: I. Kolyada

Composer: Dulat Mukhametkaliyev

Editor: Supassara

Main Filming Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Country Origin: Russia, Thailand

Languages: Russian, English, Thai

Aspect ratio: 16:9 Full HD

Sound System: Dolby Digital, RCA Recording

Production Company: Oakleyski (Prince Oakleyski Eurasia) in association with Royal Eurasia Andronovo International Sovereign TV.

Officially Spare: special theaters, television, and DVD.

The gross box office revenue was to fund the foundation itself to incentivize Youtubers and any officer to expand the knowledge about monotheism as intrinsic agenda of www.royalwiki.org LTD.
We hire volunteers or Youtubers to be our part-time forum moderators and vloggers.
We give a good amount of incentive no matter what their religions are.
We also help them in converting themselves.