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I'm the new chief writer of Royalwiki. I joined in contributing to this nonprofit site because I've converted to Islam and I want to share my scope of knowledge about everything I deeply know. Plus, I'm a big fan of Prince Oak Oakleyski, Duke Akim Rakhimov, and Lord Sheikh Rida Ahmad Samadi. Well, I also love the handsomeness of Sardar Azmoun and Khabib Nurmagomedov, and rated the generosity of Prince Mired as the most handsome. Appearance/goodness can get over my shield. Anyway, most of the works in Royalwiki were administered by me. I'm glad to be a part of the boulevard of monotheism. My passion is to lead everyone to be skeptical at first, then truly understand the real last religion of God. Islam is the most perfect religion. I've been wrong in the past I criticized every religion, even once I was agnostic. But something in my life prompted myself to change. After I changed my attitude, and open to religion, I've been studying about all doctrines in my leisure pursuit. My aptitude to comprehend the natural logics and evidence on the Holy Quran was gifted because there were many people who don't get the real purpose of why we were born into the earth. When I tried to help and explain to someone about Islam and about the real God(Allah), there were some people nodded their heads but seemed to block my words out of their mind since I kept tracking their updates on social media afterward; they still posted a disbelief about the true perfect religion. To someone, a religion is like an abstraction. But if they realized the truth, they would know that Islam is the truthful way of life. All lives must have the cause of life, this is essentially scientific. And the cause of life is the life's creator. Could we create ourselves? Impossible. However, Islam has all the answers to my curiosity. Even scientists converted themselves to Islam, so why wouldn't I. I used to be the top skepticism, but I found out that narrow latitude of acceptance could probably narrow down the chance of getting the heaven in the next world. I strongly think about the future. Therefore, I have done a lot of original researches by myself and also by asking other experts for secondary writing, working with teammates and not just dependent on Prince Oakleyski Eurasia institution. Other writers and I already had some conversation with Prince Oak. Hence, I was permitted to write about anything I want to and anything related to royals or muslims. Lastly about me, I graduated a bachelor degree of science at Chulalongkorn University and master degree of theology at Unisa. Thus I have plentiful knowledge of scientific studies as well as religions. Both are actually correlated, of course. I might not be the most perfect authoress, but the religion that I'm in is perfect. If I wrote some points incorrectly, grammatically or whatever, just accept my apology or notify an editor to fix. The setting is simple, uniquely glaring. Anyways, spread the love! Sincerely