Prince Oak Oakleyski: Supreme Natural Athletic Lungs (2023 movie official cast/crew info. and deeper details)

Official movie title in English: Prince Oak Oakleyski: Supreme Natural Athletic Lungs

Alternate titles: "Starring Supremacy", "ท่านเจ้าชายโอคหล่อที่สุดในโลก ซีรีย์ตอนปิดท้ายจ้าา"

Latest update: 15 April 2023

**Official cast and crew list as follows;

Actors: Mo Hiran Romjaroen as Self, Chris Smith Dinlaine as Self, Pannida Kulbutdee as Mysterious Physiologist, Akim Rakhimov as Special Guest Appearance, Eldar Mahyanov as Mysterious Drummer, Andrey Kiselev as MMA Pro, Prince Oak Oakleyski as Referee

Director: Prince Oak Oakleyski

Writer: Wanwisa Jaidee

Producer: Prince Oak Oakleyski

Cinematography: Prince Oakleyski Eurasia

Composer: Akim Rakhimov

Editor: Eldar Mahyanov

Production & distribution: Prince Oakleyski Eurasia - private organization of Prince Oak Oakleyski's company

Plot/storyline summary: Apart from the dispute between Andrey Kiselev and Akim Rakhimov, Mo Hiran and Chris Dinlaine were attempting to fight each other mentally and physically. However, Mo was a heavy drinker and had gone through some phase of alcohol abuse before the boxing race began. Mo's internal organs specially large intestine and kidneys functionally absorbed and dispersed alcohol to evaporate out of his visceral fat and outer layer of tummy skin so well that he didn't need any diuretic herb to help breaking it down into urinary tract. Such an awesome natural immunity. But the alcohol's lasting aftermath is bad. It made his face turned yellow-ish pale. What's more, the alcoholic odor trapped onto his t-shirt and sweater. Fortunately, thank God, Mo didn't have a beer belly. But he just looked apparently unwell, as opposed to Chris who was consuming whey protein shake regularly and staying naturally fit. After the quickly lapsed break during the fight, Mo received a natural supreme power booster that could fix the unhealthy issue relating to lungs. Finally, Mo and Chris fighting result was just a draw. They were equally athletic. Nobody wins. No need to climb a ladder to be a champion. Prince Oakleyski and his crew are more handsome than the men on a cliff's aiguille and glacier's serac. Prince Oakleyski's handsomeness is magnificently majestically beautiful like sandstorm vortex gusting Oak tree wood pile rack. That's quite off-topic. Many primal ideas of context were delineated in this rare flick, but we won't pitch it to Netflix, nor sell it on Amazon Prime Video. This isn't a docudrama or docufiction. More like satire. Initially, people might not have noticed the mysterious physiologist who came with a medical device to measure oxygen at Mo's index finger for the reason that Mo looked paler than usual. It was not about stool, but about complexion. She was beautiful, though. Ultimately, Mo and Chris became a new duo in action movie. Chris S. Dinlaine got some bromance for Mo Hiran Romjaroen as he pretended to lose the fight. What a great buddy! Akim Rakhimov as Special Guest Appearance and Andrey Kiselev as MMA Pro also personated conjointly in the backstage action scenario. They seemed not to care about an approval from referee. Prince Oak Oakleyski was a referee joining the thrilling sport as well because Prince Oak's abilities of boxing and football(soccer) is superb excellent. The prince of Eurasia is world-class when it came to natural race of physique.

Main genres: Action, Thriller, Comedy

Languages: English, Thai, Russian, Slovak, Uzbek

Rating: Russia 16+ (originally rated)

Movie length/runtime: 60 minutes

Aspect ratio/monitor spec: 16:9~HD Color

Soundtrack system: Dolby Digital (RCA Sound Recording)

Budget: $1,000,000

Countries of origins: Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Slovakia, Uzbekistan

Filming locations: Bishkek, Bangkok, Tashkent

Set release date: 15 April 2023 in Uzbekistan (TV) correspondingly internationally worldwide unlimited cinematic theatrical broadcasting ubiquitously via Aristocratic.TV satellite digital uplink premiere on Aristocratic.TV, and also set to render at custom-built theatres/cinemas of Prince Oakleyski Eurasia organization and apportion free DVD

*Note; this film used to be heretofore experimentally named as Supreme Natural Athletic Lungs whereas the unreleased title was unknown earlier on.

Exclusive extra-info: This is a very rare film of Prince Oak Oakleyski with western overtone, portraying the thrilling action of his group including himself, Akim Rakhimov, and Andrey Kiselev. Interestingly, they fought each other in stirring actions for their own supremacy. Prince Oak was known as the best western footballer in this movie with his quick feet, agility, and stamina. He was also an actor with riveting handsomeness who is similar to Akim Rakhimov in term of acting style and overall facet appearance. But they both were too skinny for a bodybuilder and wrestler, so the muscular Andrey Kiselev came to train them at the boxing gym as he was very capable. However, Prince Oak Oakleyski detected some abnormalities of the anatomy evaluation that Andrey Kiselev brought to him as if he intended to deceive him. The friendly street fight inaugurated shortly after the dispute. While Akim Rakhimov commenced to prosper his strength and resistance training, Andrey Kiselev was knocked out by Prince Oak Oakleyski astonishingly, but the recovery of Andrey Kiselev was staggering as it was just a minor syncope. Andrey Kiselev later said goodbye to Prince Oak Oakleyski and Akim Rakhimov, as he felt like both of them were out of his league. In the meantime, Akim Rakhimov has thoroughly thrived on the action in all types of fighting sport, but eventually he tried to make a mutual concession with Prince Oak Oakleyski since he was aware that Prince Oak Oakleyski was the supremacy in the thrilling action-packed sport venue. Since Prince Oak Oakleyski was the prince who debased himself to be starring in the community, Akim Rakhimov relinquished to be the supremacy as he would not have to grapple with Prince Oak Oakleyski in the finale, but rather be in fellowship for the victorious culmination. The enforced camaraderie of Prince Oak Oakleyski and Akim Rakhimov has ceased the final action of the battle. This film taught everybody to be united. Unity is the most important thing for humanity. We can learn to fight or compete to win but in the end we have to be peaceful and accept every individual's flaw. Nobody is perfect. One might be very good at boxing but suck at soccer. We all have limits. Prince Oak Oakleyski is not a mathematic pundit. Akim Rakhimov is not a motorcycle guru. But their handsomeness is overwhelmingly noteworthy. Akim Rakhimov is the handsomest artist. Prince Oak aka Prince Oakleyski is the real most handsome and most magnificent movie director in the world of Eurasia of God.